Dinosaurs Big Business According to Global Trade

The Uintah Basin is neck deep in dinosaurs and locals love it as much as the visitors. However, having such a saturation of dinosaurs might askew the fact that they are big business. In a recent article in Global Trade, a magazine for US companies that do business globally, the business of dinosaurs was discussed. The reason for the topic was that one of the most complete Tyrannosaurus rex skeletons was up for auction. The most comparable price was in 1997 when a  t-rex went for $8.37 million dollars. The article looks at many avenues of the dinosaur business including the economics which leads to a mention of a Uintah Basin staple. “There’s even an entire National Park Service site dedicated to fossils,” shares the article. “Dinosaur National Monument, located on the Utah/Colorado border, welcomed 304,468 visitors in 2018, providing $20.3 million dollars in economic activity and supporting 222 jobs.” From rural publications to the pages of Global Trade, the Uintah Basin is in the news.


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