Work Continues on East Fork Fire

Work continues on the East Fork Fire north of Hanna in Duchesne County. The East Fork Fire started on August 21st. As of the Sunday report, the fire has reached 85,232 acres and is 69 percent contained. “The current road and area closure for the Ashley National Forest is subject to change due to fire behavior to provide for safe and effective firefighting operations,” share the Sunday update. “The current closure became effective on October 15th...The public is urged to heed the area and road closures... If an area and/or road is closed, this includes all traffic, including on foot or ATV. These closed areas are closed even to those with a hunting permit within that area. Citations will be issued for encroachments of these closed areas.” On Saturday, the fire moved ¾ mile in the Lake Fork Drainage and similar movement continued Sunday. Winds continue to be a concern as crews continue their suppression activities. A new team, Nevada Team 3, is taking over management of the East Fork Fire today. To link to the East Fork Fire updates, visit the Ashley National Forest Facebook page. 


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