Uintah County Election Questions Answered

Election questions in Uintah County have been pouring in to local officials and here’s the answers to the most common. Yes, ballots have been mailed. If you do not receive your ballot by Monday, please call the county clerk/auditor. Second, please vote the ballot that was sent to you and mail it back as soon as possible or drop it in the Ballot drop box on the north side of the Uintah County Library that way it is hand delivered without even having to get out of your car. Finally, you do not have to vote every office on the ballot. Only the races that you vote will be counted. Another frequently asked question is if mail in ballots are really secure. Their answer to that is a straight forward yes. “Utah has a very secure system to ensure voting is handled safely and securely. However, if you are still unsure, feel free to drop your ballot off in a ballot drop box or to the County Clerk-Auditor’s Office,” shares Uintah County. “Doing so ensures that only you and election officials handle the ballot.” Early Voting is available in the Clerk-Auditor’s Office from October 20th to October 30th. October 23rd is the last day to register to vote. Election Day is November 3rd and the Uintah County Election Canvass will be November 16th. For more election information, visit co.uintah.ut.us or vote.utah.gov


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