Governor Issues New Transmission Index; Uintah County Moderate Category

Governor Herbert announced Tuesday that the state has dropped the color coded scale guiding COVID-19 response and have adopted instead a ‘COVID-19 Transmission Index’ that categorizes counties by transmission levels. Based on this new index, Uintah County is categorized at the ‘Moderate Level of Transmission’ while Duchesne and Daggett County are at the ‘Low Level of Transmission’. Among other things this means that masks are strongly encouraged in Duchesne and Daggett County while they are “required by public health directive until October 29th” in Uintah County. As far as gatherings, in Moderate counties like Uintah County, gatherings of over 10 people are prohibited until October 29th. In Low counties like Duchesne and Daggett, social gatherings of over 50 are prohibited unless each individual wears a face mask. The Transmission Index ratings will be assigned weekly based on the data from that week. To learn more about the new ‘COVID-19 Transmission Index’, visit


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