Man Escorted from Duchesne County School Board Meeting

A man was escorted from a Duchesne County School Board meeting last week after refusing to wear a mask. “The Duchesne School Board had a mask rule in place (state building),” shares Roosevelt Police Chief Rick Harrison. “One attendance refused to wear a mask. He was asked several times by school board officials and others in attendance to comply. After nearly 15 minutes of the school board chairperson attempting to gain compliance, the school board president declared the meeting would end due to [the man] not complying with the state mask order, or in the alternative, leaving the room. The school board then asked that [the man] be escorted from the building. [He] stated to police he would leave with police if he was handcuffed, in order to make his anti-mask statement more effective, otherwise he would resist,” explains Chief Harrison. “He was removed by police for disrupting a public meeting. [The man] chose, once out of the building, to go home. No further action was taken.”


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