Moffat County Residents Being Targeted in Renters’ Scam

A recent experience has led Craig Police Department and local realtors to help educate residents to a possible renters’ scam in Moffat County According to an article from the Craig Daily Press, Shannon Goodban thought she had found a great deal on a rental property. Red flags and warning signals to watch for include listing a disconnected number, properties with the same name with different phone numbers, corresponding through text, asking for money for an application, and high pressure to get a response. This led Goodban to contact a realtor and the Craig Police Department. Luckily Goodban avoided being scammed out of money and personal information and as a result realtors have offered the following tips to help others avoid getting scammed: First, check with real estate offices for properties that are for rent and be especially cautious with things found on social media. Never send money or give personal information before visiting the property. If it is a property managed by a company visit their office and ask questions. If it is privately owned, meet at the property to take a look at it in person. 


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