Youth Pheasant Hunt in Myton

Utah’s Division of Wildlife Resources has teamed up with sponsors to hold the free youth pheasant hunt that will be held near Myton, Utah. This hunt is for novice hunters, those 17 years old and younger, to help them have a better chance in harvesting birds. To participate, the hunter needs a Trial Hunting Program number, or Hunter Education completion, as well as a valid hunting or combination license. The hunt is limited to 40 participants. There is a MAXIMUM of two observers per hunter. Everyone is required to wear hunter orange and must agree to the waiver form provided. While there will be shotguns to borrow it is highly recommended that individuals bring their own guns, ammunition, safety glasses/goggles and hearing protection. Firearms should be unloaded upon arrival. The Youth Pheasant Hunt takes place on Saturday, September 26th, from 8am to 12pm. For questions or registration issues, contact Wes Smith at 435-828-0008, or


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