Utah’s Bureau of Land Management Finding Severe Misuse of Lands

The Uintah Basin has a lot of beautiful public lands that allow us to enjoy the outdoors. As a community we work together to keep those lands safe and clean. Still, the Utah Bureau of Land Management is asking everyone statewide to be more diligent. They have found that it is becoming more commonplace to find hazardous materials, signs of drug use, drug paraphernalia, and drug making supplies on public lands. In fact, BLM law enforcement rangers recently cleaned up an area with over 40 hypodermic needles, oil spills, pipes, drug production supplies and other hazardous materials. Also, they have come across RV dumping on public lands. Human waste is a health hazard and when improperly disposed can lead to water pollution, spread of disease, and decreased rate of waste decomposition. Solid human waste can easily be removed or buried properly. Another problem is the thousands of dollars the BLM spends on cleanup efforts. This money could be used on other  projects and efforts. These careless acts ruin family outings and put everyone’s health at risk.


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