UDOT to Begin Phase II of Vernal Main Street Drainage Improvement Project

The Utah Department of Transportation has been working with Vernal City to complete the Vernal Main Street Drainage Improvement Project. The first phase is complete, which saw the installation of a storm drain bypass at 600 west and Main. Phase II will start  in which a new storm drain will be installed under Main Street between 500 West and 500 East. It's planned to be done in three sections, each affecting traffic but never shutting down Main. Section 1 will be between 400 West and Vernal Avenue causing there to only be one lane of traffic each direction, as well as restricted turn lanes, closed roadway shoulders and impacted on-street parking in active work areas. This section is anticipated to be complete in mid-October. Section 2 will install a new storm drain and replace the concrete roadway at the intersection of Vernal Avenue and Main Street. This will shift traffic to the north with intermittent lane closures, then to the south as work progresses. This will take three weeks to complete. Section 3 will take place between Vernal Avenue and 500 East as a new storm drain bypass is installed. The eastbound lane will be closed and traffic shifted to the north. This will take place in the Spring of 2021 with it planned to be complete in June. For each section, work will occur Monday through Friday 7am to 5:30pm.  The public should be careful travelling in the construction area as there will be open trenches.


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