Uintah School District Providing Free Meals to All Kids

The Uintah School District announced Thursday that beginning Monday, September 14th, breakfast and lunch for all kids, ages 18 and under, will be provided for free. “This free meal program is being offered through a federal waiver that is part of the national response to the COVID-19 pandemic,” shares Uintah School District. “It will continue through December 31st or until funds are depleted. Students who are attending Uintah School District schools in person can continue to eat breakfast or lunch at school Monday through Thursday, just as they have been doing. The only difference is that both meals will now be free for all students. Free grab-n-go curbside breakfast will be offered Monday through Thursday for all other children ages 18 and under from all Uintah School District campuses, except Ashley Valley Education Center and Central Cove.” Grab-n-go meals must be pre-ordered. To submit an online meal order and to view the free grab-n-go mealtimes, visit uintah.net and select the ‘News’ tab.  


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