Uintah School District Announces Athletics Guidelines

Athletics will be starting up with the school year and there will be some guidelines that parents and fans need to follow. First, if anyone has symptoms or been around someone with COVID-19 stay at home. Masks are to be worn in the building at all times, during entry and exit of outdoor events, and any time the spectator cannot maintain a 6-foot distance. Tickets will be purchased with cash only until they implement a cashless system. Seating will not be assigned at this time but the stadium bleachers will be labelled into sections to help with contact tracing. Please take note of your section when seated. They encourage fans to spread out, sit with immediate families, use all available seating, and to please keep all children in the seating area. Unsupervised children will be asked to sit with their families or will be asked to leave the facility. Uintah High School and V6 Media will broadcast certain events through a new class called Sports and Entertainment Marketing. Students will produce these streamed athletic events.    


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