Wildfire Update for Northeastern Utah

While wildfires have become less frequent than earlier in the month, there are a few locally that crews still have their eye on. According to UtahFireInfo.gov, the Split Fire, which was discovered on June 26th, is just 25 percent contained. The Split Fire is burning in Dinosaur National Monument in steep, mountainous terrain at 7000 feet on the north side of Split Mountain near Rainbow Park. Because of the fire’s remote location it is not considered a serious threat and has minimal resources assigned to it. There is little information on two new starts in Uintah County listed on Utah Fire Info. The North Tridell Fire was discovered on Monday at 8:53am and is reported as human caused. The Bottling Plant Fire was discovered on Tuesday at 6:45pm and it is reported as human caused. Finally, Utah Fire Info reported that the Allen Fire in Daggett County is finally 100 percent contained. The lightning caused Allen Fire started on July 13th and burned in steep terrain about 30 miles northeast of Vernal in Daggett County. 


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