BIA and Lapoint/Tridell Fire Crews Get Quick Handle on Reed Canal Fire

A quick response to the Reed Canal Fire made all the difference with a wildfire on Wednesday afternoon. According to the report from BIA Forestry & Wildland Fire, crews from BIA and Lapoint/Tridell Fire arrived on scene in a matter of minutes to a report of smoke in the Farm Creek area at approximately 2:10pm on Wednesday afternoon. Resources included two type-6 engines, two type-4 engines and two helicopters (one from Twin Falls and another from West Yellowstone) that were equipped with buckets and two helitack crews. “Fire personnel will continue to work the fire until full containment and control are achieved,” shares BIA Forestry & Wildland Fire. “The cause of the fire is believed to be from lightning a few days ago. No structures are currently threatened and no injuries have been reported.” As of Wednesday night, the fire was holding at 5 acres and was 75 percent contained. 


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