Vernal Rescue Run 5K TONIGHT for Operation Underground Railroad

People are waking up to the awful reality of child trafficking in the world and tonight there is a local opportunity to help. Operation Underground Railroad is an organization made of former Navy Seals, Special Ops, and homeland security officers, who go into the dark trenches of the world to save kids from sex trafficking. The Vernal Rescue Run was founded by Jill Boyd in 2016 and she and her team of volunteers host the 5K event annually to raise between $2,000-$3,000 (the average cost to save a child, depending on the year). As of July 26th, Vernal Rescue Run hit this year's goal of saving one child, or $2,000. Usually the group has doubled the goal each year. That means that the cause has saved eight kids over the last four years. All are invited to register online at or come register tonight starting at 7:00 pm at UBTech in Vernal to walk, run, or crawl in support of this cause. In fact, you are also welcome to just stop by to make a donation or buy raffle tickets! A representative of the Attorney General’s office will be speaking about online predators and how we can protect our homes at 8:00pm and the 5K gun will go off at 9pm sharp! All are invited to come hear the speaker whether they participate in the 5K or not. Every penny raised is sent to Operation Underground Railroad to support upcoming missions to rescue sex trafficking victims.


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