COVID-19 Update for TriCounty Health District

Confirmed cases of COVID-19 continue to tick up in the TriCounty Health District with the greatest increase in Duchesne County. The Sunday COVID-19 Situational Update on shows that the total of confirmed cases to date for the entire TriCounty Health District is 133. Uintah County is reporting 34 Active Cases and 34 Recovered. That is an increase of 5 over the last week. Uintah County also now lists 6 Hospitalizations overall to date which is an increase of 1 from last Sunday’s report. Duchesne County is reporting 45 Active Cases and 16 Recovered. That is an increase of 19 over the last week. Duchesne County has remained at 2 Hospitalizations overall to date. The Ute Indian Tribe remains at 4 Active Cases and Daggett County remains at 0. The estimated number of tests conducted in the tri-county area is 6,695. For more information, visit and for state information on COVID-19, visit


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