Update on Roosevelt Aquatic Center; General Public Not Considered At Risk

As of last report, the Roosevelt Aquatic Center will remain closed due to a COVID-19 exposure but members of the general public are not considered at risk. TriCounty Health Department conducted their investigation and it was determined several staff members were exposed to the virus and are now under quarantine though no other positive cases among staff have been identified at this time. TriCounty Health determined that while the general public is not at risk, anyone who attended the Roosevelt Aquatic Center between July 16th and 17th should monitor their own health and take additional precautions. If symptoms develop then TriCounty Health Director Jordan Mathis is recommending that they get tested. The Roosevelt Aquatic Center is being deep cleaned and disinfected but the facility is not considered to be a health risk. The facility will reopen when employees are cleared to return to work. 


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