Dinosaur National Monument Institutes Ticketed Entry for Quarry Exhibit Hall

Dinosaur National Monument announced Wednesday that they will be instituting a temporary ticketed entry system for access to the Quarry Exhibit Hall starting July 28th. “This ticketing system will provide the visiting public a reasonable opportunity to comply with COVID-19 public health guidelines by managing the pace and flow of visitation and reducing crowding,” shares the announcement. “Park visitors planning their trips to Dinosaur National Monument will be able to reserve a time to visit the Quarry Exhibit Hall...The standard Monument entrance fees are still required in addition to the timed ticket. Tickets will be required for entry beginning on July 28th. Additionally, the park is setting aside 40 percent of available tickets for visitors booking at 10 am Mountain Time two days prior to their visit for last-minute reservations or visitors unaware of the new policy. Any remaining tickets will be available for purchase up to the time of the ticket.” The tickets only apply to access the shuttle and Quarry Exhibit Hall. The rest of Dinosaur National Monument is open for recreation as they have in the past and tickets are not necessary. The ticketing system is expected to terminate once the the park is able to safely resume normal operations. Tickets are available on Recreation.gov for $1 per ticket beginning at 10:00 am on July 24th. 


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