Uintah School District Developing School Reopening Plan

Uintah School District has announced that they are busy working on the school reopening plan for the 2020 -2021 school year. A draft of the plan will be presented to the Uintah School Board for their consideration and approval during their July 8th meeting. The District explains in a Monday news release that school districts in Utah are required to develop comprehensive reopening plans that must be approved by the local school board in an open and public meeting and that all plans must be made available to the public by August 1st. “The Uintah School District intends to make its reopening plan available to the public as soon as it is approved by the Uintah School Board,” shares the Monday announcement. “Barring unforeseen circumstances, that should happen at the July 8th public meeting. The Uintah School District appreciates our community partnerships and is looking forward to receiving input as we continue to develop our reopening plan.” The state requires that the reopening plan address the following elements: repopulating schools, communication and training, accommodating individual circumstances such as those who are high-risk, enhanced environmental hygiene and safety, school schedules, implementation of mitigation actions in school settings, monitoring for incidences of COVID-19, containing potential outbreaks, and temporarily reclosing if that becomes necessary. 



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