Carnival in Uintah County Ordered CLOSED After Employees Test Positive for COVID-19 - Attendees Asked to be on High Alert

The carnival that opened Thursday in Uintah County has been ordered CLOSED and ALL who attended need to be on high alert after multiple workers tested positive for COVID-19. According to TriCounty Health Officer Jordan Mathis, the carnival employees were tested in American Fork earlier this week and the state contacted TriCounty Health on Thursday evening that 9 employees of the carnival tested positive. “The big message is that anyone that attended the carnival on Thursday needs to take extra precautions,” shares Mathis. “Monitor for symptoms, practice physical distancing, wear a face covering, consider staying home and if you start to develop symptoms get tested immediately and take serious and extreme precaution around high risk individuals.” Mathis confirmed that the carnival is actively working with TriCounty Health on the investigation as they just learned of the test results Thursday night as well. 



are you kidding me. they were tested a week ago and THEY STILL WENT TO WORK. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE.

person serenaty hale
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did the 9 employees come to vernal? If not you need to change the article because it is kinda confusing.

person unknown
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So is this the Carnival held outside Roosevelt every year in Uintah County or is there another Carnival over on Vernal?

We need to know

person Kathleen Cooper
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The carnival is in vernal at the western park.

person nothing for you
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Well its Friday and I'm pretty sure it was going today

We were at the play tonight (Fiday the 26th) and the rides were all lights on and moving.

person Lucas
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I was wrong

Its past midnight. My bad.

person Lucas
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Why wasn’t our tri county health there getting names and numbers of all attendees so they can stop the spread of it also why didn’t they test the workers before set up I mean the county invited them to set up so why didn’t they test them to make sure lol employees are safe why is the picture during the day when your reporting this in the evening wouldn’t you have it with the lights on

person Need to know
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Don't share your tool

That's what you get when ya'll use the same Allen wrench to assemble all the rides

person Starla
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This event should have never been allowed in the basin, particularly with folks with pending test results. I am very disappointed in our local public health response. Prepare for increasing numbers.

person Disappointed
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I would like to know who gave the ok for the carnival to come into town. We have to stand on paper dots in the stores but vernal decides to let a traveling carnival come in !!!!!
Who was in charge of this ??? !!!

person Lisa
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We were warned about a second wave of the pandemic n this is a perfect example as to how it spreads. Please don't get so comfortable Uintah n Duchesne Counties.

person Val
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You made the News on Utah TV. Yes, you made a mistake letting the carnival in before checking with all the employees and people associated. This one slipped through, please for all of our health, be more careful with the up coming events you mentioned. The Dinosaur Rodeo - require a recent test on all participants before they are allowed be there. Including the competitors and the people providing other services such as serving food. And yes you are responsible for our health and lives in this matter. Brad said we all take risks in our daily lives, but why not be extra careful and reduce the risk if possible. We all make choices and decisions we later regret, please recognize that this decision was a bad one. Thanks for your service to the community.

person withheld

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