Two Men Aid Sheriff’s Deputy When Arrestee Turns Combative

A Duchesne County Sheriff’s Deputy is offering thanks to two men who offered help when an arrest turned combative on Thursday. The Duchesne County Sheriff’s Office shared the following: “Deputy Misti Duncan said she initially arrested Corbett Rown Sather for investigation of disorderly conduct in connection with a suspicious person call. Sather, 41, was reportedly going from house to house in the Hancock Cove area, banging on doors early Thursday morning. Sather initially tried to run from Duncan, but stopped when he saw a second deputy arriving. Duncan said Sather admitted to using drugs. Duncan was transporting Sather to jail when he began kicking one of the windows in Duncan’s patrol truck. Duncan was slowing down to pull over when Sather intentionally smashed his head against the glass, breaking out the window. Sather, who was handcuffed behind the back, was able to climb out through the broken window and attempted to run. Duncan grabbed Sather, who continued to fight and tried to drag himself and the deputy into traffic on US-40. As Duncan fought to regain control of Sather, two bystanders approached. Duncan said the men told Sather if he didn’t stop fighting, they would help Duncan subdue him. That allowed Duncan to step back, draw her Taser and order Sather to the ground.” Sather was booked into Duchesne County Jail for investigation of assault on a peace officer, escape from custody, damage to jail property, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and public intoxication.. Deputy Duncan expressed appreciation for the men’s willingness to help and that they stayed until backup arrived. “I’m not just an officer,” shared Deputy Duncan. “I’m somebody’s mom and somebody's wife. I’m out here trying to help other people, so I think it’s cool that they were willing to step in and help me. Thank you so much for stopping to help.” While their identity remains unknown, we can all be inspired by their example of Backing the Blue. 


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