Show Your Support for Law Enforcement at Appreciation Cruise Main Events

Others might be confused as to how they feel about law enforcement but not communities in the Uintah Basin. There is a deep appreciation for those who protect our community and two Cruise Main events have been planned to prove it. Event coordinator Reen Slagowski had proposed the idea on the Vernal Strong Facebook page and received such a strong outpouring of support she was able to make the idea a reality. “We have one agenda,” shares Reen. “That our men and women in Blue, and their families, hear and see that they ARE appreciated, and we stand united with the millions of LEOs (Law enforcement officers) who love and serve so well. The goal is to boost morale among law enforcement officers who might feel dispirited by violence that has been happening around our country.” People are encouraged to make signs, wave flags, and wear blue, while children are asked to make cards, and adults to drop off the cards, treats, or gift baskets during the next week to the officers. This event is designed to honor ALL law enforcement officers and interact to bridge the gap of police and community. The Law Enforcement Appreciation Cruise Main events will be in Vernal this Saturday, June 27th at 7pm and on Friday, July 3rd at 7pm. Reen explains further: “It is about thanking the personnel who watch out for us every day. These people don't know us personally, but they'll run into danger to keep us safe anyway. These sacrifices are for our families and our communities, and we need to recognize that. Police officers give the city that feeling of security.”


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