DWR on Unique Bird Hunts

Utah offers some great hunting experiences including fowl. Most birds in Utah only need a combination or small game license to hunt but there are a few species that require a special permit including tundra swan, sharp-tailed grouse, greater sage grouse, sandhill cranes, and turkeys. Blair Stringham, DWR migratory game bird program coordinator, states, “these permits provide a unique opportunity for hunters to pursue species that aren't widely available everywhere. Utah is one of only nine states that allows swan hunting, and sage grouse can only be found in the western United States. It's a great chance for people to do something different and have an incredible outdoors experience.” The application period to hunt greater sage grouse, sandhill cranes, swans or sharp-tailed grouse opens on Wednesday, July 1st and runs through 11 p.m. July 16th. Those that draw these hunts will be notified by August 3rd. For those wanting to hunt band-tailed pigeon and white-tailed ptarmigan permits will be available for free beginning on July 30 at 8 a.m. on the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources website or from any licensed agent.


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