Governor on Moving Rural Utah to Green Health Risk Status

As you’ve likely heard, the Utah Department of Health and Governor Herbert approved requests to transition 9 rural Utah counties (including Uintah, Duchesne, and Daggett Counties) to Green. “Limiting the spread of the coronavirus, even as we reactivate the economy, has required data-informed judgment and prudent decision making," shared Governor Herbert. "As we move from stabilization to recovery, the health guidance in our communities will vary because of differing conditions across the state. The nine counties moving into the Green, or 'New Normal' risk category account for a wide swath of Utah's geography, but only three percent of Utah's population. They also have some of Utah's lowest case counts and hospitalization rates. The rural lifestyle they enjoy is defined by wider physical distancing, and smaller, less densely populated towns. Although no area is completely free from risk, we feel comfortable having these sparsely populated regions transition from Yellow to Green.” Governor Herbert emphasizes that as the state re-engages economically, the need for personal responsibility increases. Herbert urges Utah residents to continue to keep one another safe through common-sense physical distancing, mask wearing, staying home when sick, and regular hand washing.


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