‘Fishing With The Fox’

Every year, ‘Fishing With The Fox’ adds summer excitement by adding prizes as incentive for catching tagged fish in Uintah Basin water bodies and this year is no exception. The contest, hosted by the Division of Wildlife Resources and Evans Family Media’s 98.5 The Fox, is now in its 10th year. Tagged fish are registered online in order to be entered into a drawing for big prizes. The DWR tagged 600 rainbow trout that were stocked 275 into Moon Lake, 275 into Matt Warner, and 50 into Moose Pond. According to the last report, 104 tagged fish have been caught and registered; 53 from Moon Lake, 37 from Matt Warner, and 14 from Moose Pond. The prize drawing will happen August 6th at the park in front of the Uintah County Library. A new grand prize has been added this year, a fish that has been tagged worth $5,000 dollars. For more information, visit the event on Facebook and tune in to 98.5 The Fox.


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