Meet Stego Steve! The Vernal Chamber’s New Stegosaurus

The Vernal Chamber Foundation excitedly announced Friday that the name of their new stegosaurus in front of the Chamber Office is Stego Steve! The Vernal Chamber held a Dino Naming Contest. First place was awarded to Boston Foley for “Stego Steve”, second place to Jaxton Foley for “Plate-o the Stego”, and third place to Mia Harrison for “Herb, the Stegosaurus.” Most original name went to Richard Taggart for “Viridicavasaurus vernalia” which means green hollow lizard. “Thank you to all that participated in our contest!” shares the Vernal Chamber. “We received a ton of really creative entries and choosing a name was definitely not easy.” Go meet Stego Steve in front of the Vernal Chamber Office at 134 West Main Street in Vernal. 


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