Uintah Basin Residents Encouraged to Complete 2020 CENSUS

By now you’ve probably heard that you should complete the 2020 CENSUS but with everything going on maybe it hasn’t happened. Unfortunately, you are not alone as northeastern Utah is among the lowest in the state for CENSUS response rate so far. According to the latest report, the self response rate is 8.5 percent for Daggett County, 12.8 percent for Duchesne County, and 48.6 percent for Uintah County. The average response rate for the state is 63.4 percent and local officials are urging the residents in the Uintah Basin to take a few minutes and get theirs filled out. “I never completely understood the importance of the census prior to becoming an elected official,” shares Duchesne County Commissioner Irene Hansen. “Funding for so many critical services including emergency, recreation, roads, schools, safety and even senior services are tied to a correct census. It literally puts your county and state on the map. Even our representation in the state and federal legislative process is based on population. Let’s be counted.”  Individuals can fill out the census online at www.my2020census.gov. You will be asked for a 12 digit Census ID, which you should have received by mail. Even if you haven’t received the ID there is a link entitled “If you do not have a Census ID, click here.” You will be able to enter your street address and proceed with the questionnaire. You can also complete the Census by phone at 844-330-2020.


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