Ashley Regional Medical Center Easing Visitor Restrictions

Ashley Regional Medical Center announced this week that their visitation policy is being updated to ease restrictions. According to their press release, the decision was made as current projections of COVID-19 indicate a lower than expected volume in the region. The updated restrictions, effective immediately, allow most patients to have one visitor or support person per day. “Our hospital’s top priority is safeguarding the health and wellbeing of our patients, providers, employees and community,” shares Wes Taylor, chief executive officer (CEO) of Ashley Regional. “We continue to monitor closely the prevalence of the virus in our community as we adapt our operations to safely care for and support our patients, and we feel confident that it is safe to begin allowing limited visitors again at this time.” Patients are now allowed one well visitor per day, including one companion for outpatient appointments and one support person for obstetric patients. Visitors must be age 12 or older, will be screened upon entry, and must wear a mask and armband. Visitors will not be allowed for high-risk, isolation, immunocompromised or patients under COVID-19 care or watch. For more updates, visit 



Learned recently that Ashley Regional is owned by Life Point Health. Life Point Health was acquired in 2018 by Apollo Management. Which is owned by Leon Black, former #2 at Drexel Burnham Lambert. #1 Was Michael Milliken the "junk-bond king". who was released in February from prison by the President. Do your own research using factual, legal sources.

Interestingly, this is the same firm that is proposing the new railway with no liability on their part, and with large commissions and fees - the larger the final price tag, the larger those fees get. Further they discourage the use of any lawyers other than their own and discourage the Commissioners from speaking with the press, the community or their friends. Their New York/Wall St policy is to find an "undiscovered Appalachia" and exploit our distrust of the use of contract lawyers. These are professional carpet-baggers - use a lawyer. We lost Montana Power - veritable and reliable institution to Goldman Sachs about a decade ago - after Goldman Sachs made 165 visits in one year to the CEO of the former Montana Power. He isn't allowed in Montana anymore and Goldman Sachs won't return any phone calls from their former "friends". Just get a top lawyer when negotiating big deals - they pay for themselves 100 times over. The average shrewd businessman does not know the necessary details of the law and Goldman/Drexel will not offer that information.

This from a rural boy who endured the big city just long enough to see what is going on. To try and protect my fellow citizens and neighbors.

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