UBTech Announces Plans for Reopening

The UBTech Office of the President issued a letter to the community on Monday outlining their plans for reopening. “I am pleased to announce effective May 20th, UBTech campuses will begin enrolling students currently on the pre-registration and testing waitlist,” shares UBTech President Aaron Weight. “These future students will be contacted by a UBTech Student Services team member to schedule a pre-registration and/or testing appointment. Effective June 1st, UBTech campuses will open to the public. New student enrollment and face-to-face instruction will be available on campus for all summer UBTech programs. This instruction will be provided in accordance with current CDC guidelines. Scholarship and program requirements will resume. On campus Custom Fit trainings will also resume.” If visiting campus, please be prepared to follow current CDC guidelines. Those interested in learning more about the programs offered at UBTech, can call 435-722-6914. 


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