Uintah Recreation District Update

As the Basin shares in the struggles that come with the stay-at-home order, our local services are, as patiently as they can, waiting for a chance to serve. The Uintah Recreation District shared this week on their Facebook page that while the community center has been closed, the District has been busy cleaning everything for the day when patrons will return. During the first few weeks of the closure, the facility was able to use full-time and part-time help to truly sanitize everything but now the part-time employees are furloughed. There are employees at the facility but they are following social distancing rules. The Uintah Recreation District wants patrons to know that they have suspended all payments, so any recurring payments will not be coming out of your accounts. Finally, the District wants to remind everyone that the parks are open, though the playground structures are not, and the parks staff are still hard at work for your outside enjoyment.  


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