Uintah County Announces Free Landfill Week

Uintah County sponsors a Free Landfill Week each spring and this year is no different. “This offers a full week and two weekends to get yards cleaned up and debris taken to the landfill with no cost to residents,” shares Uintah County. “Residents can do their part by simply cleaning up around their own property or by cleaning up around our community. Everyone in the county is encouraged to participate. Residents on the west side of the county can take their garbage to the K&K Sanitation Transfer Station in Ballard for no charge. Yard waste and trash from your home can be taken to the landfill for free during the allotted times.” A few things to note: Tires are limited to 4 per load. Unsecured or uncovered loads will be charged double the regular price. Batteries or hazardous waste need to be reported to the staff as you enter the landfill and refrigerators still cost $20 because the landfill still has to pay for the Freon removal. Also note that the landfill offers a do-it-yourself oil collection site which is always free. Free Landfill Week in Uintah County runs April 25th through May 2nd. 


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