Ashley National Forest Area Closures at Flaming Gorge Reservoir

Several areas at and around Flaming Gorge Reservoir will be closed starting today. According to an announcement Wednesday evening, Ashley National Forest has decided to close the State Line Cove Area for up to 14 days beginning April 9th due to increased use within the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area in Daggett County. “This increased recreational use is posing a challenge for COVID-19 response and the health and safety of not only the public, but Forest Service and local law enforcement personnel,” shares District Ranger Curt Booher. The closure area includes State Line Cove, Linwood Bay dispersed camping area, and the Swim Beach day use site located on the West side of the reservoir near Lucerne Marina and Manila. “The Ashley National Forest is working to balance the need to protect access while providing for the safety of the public and our employees,” shares Wednesday’s announcement. “Given the current circumstances, it is critical that all recreationists avoid locations on the Forest that draw large numbers of people into close proximity with each other. While this site will be temporarily closed, the majority of the Ashley National Forest remains open and continues to offer opportunities for dispersed recreation. These activities comply with both the Governor of Wyoming’s and Governor of Utah’s Statewide Public Health Orders.”


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