Forrest Fenn’s Treasure the Aim of Fatal Snowmobiling Trip in Monument

One man’s pursuit of treasure came at a tragically high cost last week in Dinosaur National Monument. Two missing men that had been reported snowmobiling along the border of Utah and Colorado in the Wild Mountain Area were found on Saturday by search and rescue crews within the Monument, one alive and the other deceased. The Uintah County Sheriff’s Office shared in a press release following the tragic incident that Uintah County Search and Rescue assisted on this rescue but it was not their first experience with this pair. The same two men were rescued by Uintah County Search and Rescue in the same area just weeks before on February 29th. So what were they doing in the backcountry once again unprepared for the conditions? The Denver Post reports that they were searching for Forrest Fenn’s hidden treasure, a cache of gold and jewels that art dealer and author Fenn supposedly hid in the Rocky Mountains. Authorities have not identified the men but have confirmed that they are from Colorado and this incident makes four Coloradans to have lost their lives in search of the treasure in recent years.   


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