Uintah Schools Foundation Announces 2020 Teachers in Excellence

Every year, thanks to the Showalter Endowment Fund, teachers are recognized in the Uintah School District for their excellence in teaching. The community nominates teachers and the Uintah Schools Foundation has the near impossible job of narrowing the pool down to two teachers. Well the Foundation has announced the two very deserving winners. The 2020 Teachers in Excellence award goes to Sergio Gallego, a Uintah High School Spanish teacher, and Jeanne Smith, a 2nd grade teacher at Lapoint Elementary. “Sergio’s students describe him as attentive, energetic and say his lessons involve movement, laughter and repetition until everyone feels successful,” shares the Uintah School District. “Jeanne is appreciated for her infinite patience and love for all of her students, as well as her musical abilities making up songs to reinforce learning.” Congratulations Sergio Gallego and Jeanne Smith on this much deserved recognition. 


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