Chivers Reinstated to School Board Pending Court Decision on Residency

8th District Court Judge Ed Peterson issued an order on Monday, March 23rd, reinstating Dave Chivers to the Uintah School Board as a lawsuit filed by Chivers against the Uintah School Board and the Uintah County Clerk-Auditor goes through the legal process. Two meetings aimed at interviewing and appointing a new board member for District 2 have been cancelled and the court Order states that the Uintah School Board will provide notice of the cancellation to each of the applicants for the position. “Should it be determined through this proceeding that a vacancy exists,” shares the Order, “the thirty-day time limit for the Uintah School Board to fill the vacancy will begin from the date that the decision of the Court becomes final…” The Uintah School Board and Uintah County Clerk-Auditor have until June 1st to reply to the complaint. 


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