Duchesne County Declares Local State of Emergency

In response to the growing danger of the COVID-19 outbreak, Duchesne County has declared a local state of emergency.  With both federal and state agencies recognizing the potential global impact and the ease by which it spreads from person to person, measures are being put into place to help deal with the negative impact to the community. COVID-19 has created conditions that are most likely to be beyond the control of local resources and require the combined forces of other political subdivisions to combat. Cases continue to rise in Utah and the TriCounty Health Department has determined that there is an imminent and proximate threat to the public health in Duchesne County. The declaration was signed on March 18th , 2020 by Commissioners Irene Hansen, Greg Miles, and Greg Todd. The declaration puts in place the legal stepping stones to allow the county to help businesses and residents. It will also enable Duchesne County to ask for and receive disaster assistance and mutual aid should that become necessary.    


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