TriCounty Health Official's Plea: Please Put a Stop to the Rumor Mill

March 23, 2020 

Dear Uintah Basin Residents, 

Currently, the only thing spreading faster than the Coronavirus (COVID-19) are the rumors spreading through our community.  Right now, these rumors are proving more destructive to our local response than the actual virus itself. I understand the concern and anxiety around this new disease, but if you are engaging in the creation of rumors or the continuation of rumors within our community, SHAME ON YOU!  Such behavior is analogous to prank calling 911. All you are doing is tying up the limited resources of the health department by causing us to have to combat these lies when such resources could be utilized for other response efforts. Therefore, I am calling on everyone to STOP such rumors.  

As your Health Officer, I want to assure you that neither I nor my staff at TriCounty Health are hiding anything from you.  We are committed to being completely transparent with the public throughout this process. But it is important to remember that this response from the federal level down to the local level is a fluid one that changes rapidly.  Unfortunately, that means we don’t always have all the information that we would like to have, but that doesn’t mean we are hiding it from you. However, as more and more data becomes available to us, on things like the number of tests run for our area, TriCounty is committed to making accurate information available.  

My commitment, and my team’s commitment, is to you and your health.  Successfully combating this virus will require a collective community effort from each of us.  We also fully understand that each person’s effort must be guided by good and accurate information, and we are committed to getting you the best information possible as we fight this virus together.  Please trust us as we continue to fight and serve for the health of our community. And please, please, please help us to be able to dedicate all our efforts towards that end by putting an end to the rumor mill that is counterproductive to all our efforts.


Jordan D. Mathis 

TriCounty Health Officer 

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Business owners

Please stop spreading rumors!!! It is not helping! It is hurting local businesses!!! We all need to work together to help this virus from spreading!! Sometimes I understand that going to the grocery store, the pharmacy and the doctor!! Like me, needed x-rays on my foot today! I felt guilty for being there! Prolonging my treatment should not make me feel bad! The doctor office is clean! The doctor and nurses/receptionist are doing their greatest to keep us safe!! We all have to do it too! I am wishing that going to certain pharmacies/stores were more sensitive about people like me with underlying health conditions! We shouldn’t have to walk through the main store after going to the pharmacy!! What is the purpose of closing certain hours, making it easier for older people to go, but not us middle age people like me.. going in to get medicine should be easy! In and out! Not having to walk through self checkout to verify that I paid for necessary meds to get better and stay well! Ticks me off! If I didn’t like my pharmacist, I would change! They take good care of me!! Please make it easier! That is all I am many others are asking! I should be able to make a complaint without employees looking at me like I am a crazy lady, I had another lady back me up!! It can’t be that hard!!! Sanitizer is great, but I shouldn’t have to breathe people breathe looking at my receipt! Especially after visiting the pharmacy!! Pharmacy/place to get medicine!! To help keep and get people well!!
Done with my rant..

Diane Hall

person Diane

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