Duchesne County School District New Nutrition App and Improvements

Nutrition has a big influence on the school performance of our children. The Duchesne County School District has just released a new tool to help parents optimize menus and nutrition at the school. There is a new mobile app for the schools lunch menu. The “Web Menus” will feature interactive nutritional menus with nutrition information, item description, item menus, and item allergens. There will be PDF documents, the ability to link to an online payment provider, as well as link to the nutrition services website and an information section entitled “All About School Lunch”. The school has been working on key nutritional improvements that have included offering a variety of more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fat-free and low-fat milk with the meals. They are also reducing the levels of sodium, saturated fat and eliminating added trans fat. The school has a policy not to supersize meals, but instead strive to meet the nutrition needs of students within their age specific calorie requirements. To download the app, check out “Web Menus by Isite Software” on the Apple App store or Google Play Store.


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