Terra Academy Students of the Week

The Terra Academy Students of the Week are Rockwell Barton and Darcy Barton. Rockwell was nominated by 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Cullen. “Rockwell sets a great example for the class,” shares Mrs. Cullen. “He loves math and is working hard at language arts. He always tries and never complains. Rockwell is usually the first to help with clean up or to assist a friend.” Darcy was nominated by 8th grade teacher Mrs. DeBerard. “Darcy is an exemplary student,” shares Mrs. DeBerard. “I have watched Darcy grow in the last two years facing challenges head on. She has become a strong independent learner pushing herself to perform well. She is also known for her kindness to all. Darcy has a fun spirit and is a joy to have in the classroom.” Congratulations Rockwell Barton and Darcy Barton, Terra Academy Students of the Week!


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