Juvenile in Custody Following Fire at Uintah Middle School on Tuesday

A juvenile is in custody after fire was set at the Uintah Middle School on Tuesday afternoon. According to Vernal Police, Central Dispatch received a 911 call at 2:10pm on February 25th regarding a fire at UMS. “Fire, EMS, and Law Enforcement were dispatched to the scene,” shares Vernal Police. “The school was evacuated. Due to the fact that school was nearly out for the day, students were instructed to end their day and travel home as planned.” Uintah School District shared shortly after school was out on Tuesday that classes will take place as scheduled on Wednesday and that “student property left at the school when the fire alarm was activated is being secured in the classrooms where it was left and can be picked up [Wednesday] morning. Property left in the gym has been moved to the main office and secured.” On Tuesday evening, Vernal Police shared that “the investigation into the fire and evacuation of the Uintah Middle School has resulted in the detention of a juvenile offender” and that “the school sustained minor damage.” While it was rumored there were multiple offenders, Vernal PD clarified that “the investigation, including video evidence, supports the fact that the juvenile offender acted alone, and the offender is currently detained.” Police investigation concluded that the school is safe to resume on Wednesday. 


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I was in that school

Can you tell the school who the offender was, we are all curious.

person Talli Clark

Why did they try to set something on fire

I am asking why they thought it would be a good idea to set something on fire.

person Keirden

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