Uintah County Lincoln Day Dinner Connects Candidates and Community

It´s political campaigning season and candidates and the community of Uintah County interacted during the Uintah County GOP Lincoln Day Dinner on Monday evening at the Uintah Conference Center. The event carried a patriotic feel from the very beginning with the Civil Air Patrol presenting the colors followed by a balance of politics, socializing, and entertainment. All candidates in attendance had the opportunity to speak including Uintah County candidates Brad Horrocks, Troy Slaugh, Chris Laris, and Wendy Long; State candidates James Moss, Jr., Thomas Wright, Jon Huntsman Jr., Greg Hughes, Aimee Winder Newton, and Jeff Burningham; and Federal District 1 congressional candidates Kerry Gibson, Blake Moore, Howard Wallack, Tina Cannon, and Doug Durbano. Uintah County GOP Central Committee Chairman Brian Gorum thanked all the candidates and said he felt voters are in good hands considering the quality individuals to choose from. He also urged all in attendance to be active in the caucus system because if the public doesn't become involved the caucus system will die off. The event may have had many serious moments delving into important topics but it ended on a lighter note with an entertaining set from comedian Jordan Makin. 


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