Uintah County Man Allegedly Solicits 9-Year-Old Girl for Pornographic Photos

A Uintah County man is in custody and facing charges including 1st Degree Felony Human Trafficking of a Child and 2nd Degree Felony Sexual Exploitation of a Minor. According to the probable cause statement filed on January 29th, 34-year-old Dustin Lane Person solicited a 9-year-old female to participate in the production of child pornography on January 19th. Person asked the child to take photographs of her private parts with his phone. The girl “originally denied the request but then took the photographs because she was afraid [Person] would get mad at her and slap or spank her if she disobeyed.” Person then gave the girl $5 dollars after she had taken the photographs. “Later, the Defendant’s phone was confiscated by police. Detectives conducted a phone extraction of [Person’s] phone and located five photographs containing child pornography taken on January 19, 2020.”  Person admitted to investigators that he had the girl take the photographs with his phone and that the phone is protected by a password that only he knew. Court documents also note that the offense took place while Person was on parole. He is now in custody of the Department of Corrections at the Utah State Prison and is scheduled for an initial video court appearance in 8th District Court on February 18th. Court documents show that Person pleaded Guilty in 2013 to multiple counts of Felony Unlawful Sexual Activity with a Minor and Lewdness. 


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