Vernal PD Releases Statement on Monday Incident at Uintah County Library

Vernal Police Department released a statement on Wednesday about the incident that took place on Monday at the Uintah County Library. They shared the following: “On Monday February 10th, an adult male was observed by juvenile females viewing sexually explicit images on a computer at the Uintah County Library. Officers responded to the library and after obtaining a description of the individual the suspect was quickly located. The case remains under investigation with potential criminal charges pending. The Vernal Police Department will provide an updated press release regarding suspect information and actual charges once formal charges are filed.” Uintah County Library Director Sam Passey shared that the incident took place at approximately 4:30pm on Monday and that as soon as Library Administration was made aware, police were notified and responded within thirty seconds of the call. 


Incident at the county library

I commend these young ladies for making that brave step forward the situation getting taken care of. I believe that public library should be a place of learning and relaxation, as it has always been. And situations like this I believe would Stray away from the intended purpose of this establishment. Good for those individuals, and thanks to all authorities involved in resolving things!

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