Ute Tribal Enterprises CEO Featured in Native Business Magazine

The CEO of Ute Tribal Enterprises, Valentina Sireech, is featured in this week’s issue of Native Business Magazine. The publication announced last October that Sireech was among 30 CEOs to be highlighted in Indian Country. The in-depth highlight of Sireech was shared on February 12th, describing Sireech as a “People Person” who wakes up early each day, “prays to the Creator”, and then gets busy planning for a productive day. The article shares the following quote from Sireech: “My goal is to serve Tribal communities, offer jobs and training for Tribal members, while strengthening the Tribe’s financial position.” Congratulations to Ute Tribal Enterprises and Valentina Sireech on this great accomplishment. The article can be found at NativeBusinessMag.com. 

Full Link: https://www.nativebusinessmag.com/the-people-person-valentina-sireech-ceo-ute-tribal-enterprises-llc/?fbclid=IwAR0UEzmHnS9v7tcPL4Nl1_Lh6rPsDO289xxg_LDlOuWRCG_a0CfqBslqywY


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