USU Uintah Basin Celebrating Impactful Women of the Uintah Basin: Janet Row

USU Uintah Basin is doing something special to support, celebrate, and honor the women of the Uintah Basin with their Year of the Woman campaign. Janet Row, Director of the Family Support Center of the Uintah Basin, was selected as this week’s representative. Utah State University Uintah Basin shared a video highlighting her on their Facebook page. As the person who nominated Janet, Heather Tucker shares that Janet is a dedicated and hard worker that has done a lot of good in the community but doesn't care about getting credit for it. “She’s impacted a lot of lives being a case worker that she did for many years...she always put children’s safety first above anything else,” shares Tucker. “She has such a care for children and families. She doesn't want to see anyone apart...When people hear about the Family Support Center either they don’t know what it is or don’t know the people behind the scenes and [Janet] makes it all happen.”  Congratulations Janet Row, this week’s Impactful Woman of the Uintah Basin. 


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