Uintah Basin Cancer Support Group Meeting at Women’s Center

The burden of cancer has many unmeasurable weights that seem to drag those dealing with it into a puddle of despair and loneliness. The ‘Let’s Talk: Uintah Basin Cancer Support Group’ hosts a monthly meeting offering educational and emotional support for cancer patients, as well as survivors, caregivers, family and friends. Cecilia Sullivan is the groups coordinator and says that they continue to have strong online support through their Facebook page with an average of three to four people attending the meetings. She states, “Those that do come feel that it has been worthwhile. They know they are not alone in feelings, questions, [and] emotions. They are grateful to talk and listen to others fighting the same battles with doctors and insurance companies.” This month the group will meet on Thursday, February 13th at the new Women’s Center and Infusion Center at Ashley Regional Medical Center to tour the facility and speak with Kristie Keel, the nurse patient advocate. Any individuals planning to attend should enter the Women’s Center on the east side of the hospital. The Uintah Basin is invited to come join the group and Let’s Talk. Learn new things, make new friends. To learn more or if you have questions, contact either Cecilia Sullivan at 435-790-5589 or Brianna Banks at 435-725-7418. 


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