Lapoint Elementary Third Grade Class Presents Wax Museum

Using wax figures to honor loved ones and paying tribute to famous figures has been a practice since the Middle Ages. Who would have thought that we would have one locally, even if it was for a limited time? At Lapoint Elementary, Mrs. Keddy’s third grade recently held their Wax Museum presentations for their literacy core. The kids consulted with their teacher and family to select either a famous figure or someone that is important to them. They then researched important facts, gathered photos, and wrote about the individual’s life that was then displayed on a tri-fold poster. The kids then dressed up as the person they selected and acted as a wax figure. As students and families toured the Wax Museum they had to perform an action that would bring the wax figure to life to share their life story. Eight students did their own ancestors, others chose movie stars, singers, and sport heroes. When asked why they did the project, some responses were: “To learn about other people” (John); “To learn how to do speeches” (D.C.); and “To teach others in a fun way” (BreAnna).. When asked what his favorite part of the whole experience was, Easton said, “Having fun with my mom.”   


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