Police Investigation Ongoing in Monday Incident at Uintah County Library

An incident at the Uintah County Library on Monday involving an adult male and several teens is under investigation. Uintah County Library Director Sam Passey issued the following statement on Tuesday morning: “At approximately 4:30 p.m. on Monday, February 10th, Vernal City Police responded to a complaint of a man exhibiting suspicious behavior towards teenagers at the Library. The situation is under investigation and further questions should be directed to the Vernal City Police Department. As soon as the Library's Administration became aware of the situation we notified the police who responded within thirty seconds of the call. I would like to thank the Vernal City Police Department for their professionalism and prompt response.” Vernal City Assistant Police Chief Keith Campbell confirmed on Tuesday morning that the incident is under investigation and information will likely not be released for a few days. 


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