Upcoming Burbot Bash to Raise Awareness of Threat to Flaming Gorge Fishery

The Burbot Bash is coming up to once again fight back against burbot, an invasive species having a devastating effect on the Flaming Gorge fishery. “We are excited about using the Burbot Bash as a forum to increase public awareness of this threat to the Flaming Gorge fishery,” shares Flaming Gorge Chamber of Commerce president Mark Wilson. “It is a great way to introduce anglers to the family-friendly sport of ice fishing that is so popular in Flaming Gorge.” The Burbot Bash is hosted by the Flaming Gorge Chamber of Commerce, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and is taking place January 24th through the 26th. Currently there is no catch limit on Flaming Gorge for burbot in both Wyoming and Utah. The Burbot Bash makes a dent in the Burbot population as an annual event, having removed nearly 30,000 burbot from Flaming Gorge since 2011. Event coordinators are hoping for a great turnout again this year. There will be on-site registration at the Hub Restaurant in Manila on January 24th. 


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