Uintah High School Student and Athlete of the Week

The Uintah High School Student of the Week is Sadie Young, nominated by Mrs. Manwaring. “Sadie is an amazing student!” shares Mrs. Manwaring. “She goes above and beyond in all things. She works hard on all her assignments and is always willing to participate in class discussions and activities. Sadie really helped make our preschool experience successful, by bringing so many wonderful toys, books, and games for the children to play with.” Congratulations Sadie Young, Uintah Student of the Week! The Ute Athlete of the Week is basketball player Josh Speirs, nominated by Coach Johnson. “Josh has been great for our team as he is a great teammate and has a positive attitude,” shares Coach Johnson. “He works hard in practice and games and is continually improving his skills. Josh is an outstanding student in the classroom. He works hard to be excellent in everything he does.” Congratulations Josh Speirs, Ute Athlete of the Week!


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