Bridge Demolition Delayed; Seep Ridge Road Remains Open

While originally scheduled to begin last week, the White River Bridge demolition has been delayed and as a result Seep Ridge Road remains open. According to an announcement from Uintah County, there has been a manufacturing delay and the project is now on hold, possibly until early January. “In 2016, the Utah Department of Transportation conducted a regularly scheduled inspection of the bridge and recommended a load limit of 12 tons, which restricts tractor-trailer trucks from using the bridge on Seep Ridge Road,” shares Uintah County. “This made it necessary to replace the bridge.” The project is possible thanks to funds received through the Federal Joint Highway Committee. Uintah County approached the Committee in 2017 and was awarded a grant for $2,522,713 dollars to replace the bridge. Uintah County is required to pay a 6.77 percent match of $183,190 dollars which brings the project’s total to $2,705,903 dollars. 


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